Xbian, Raspbmc and Openelec; My Experiments on Raspberry Pi & XBMC

After a few days with Raspbmc, which proved to be really beautiful, I decided to switch to XBian. Lets live on the bleeding edge.

Raspbmc had been too good. I had been tinkering a lot and one fine day it stopped working. I suspected my HDMI Cable initially since Raspbmc seemed too good to break. But it was a data corruption. I could not locate specifically where it happened and therefore did not go to an extend to solve it. I had tried SDCard/USB boot to improve performance and I am thinking that did it. Or the Arora Browser did it. I would like to do some more exploration and write a post on it since it is seems to be built using Qt.

I could not get OpenElec to install in my Raspberry Pi. I was getting some error due to a problem in cmdline.txt file. It was unable to recognise my USB device.

Coming to XBian, I just started using it. While I am typing this post in, XBian is updating Debian Wheezy packages. I will keep close watch and will update this post.

TL/DR; XBian seems more nice than Raspbmc and Openelec for the uninitiated.

Why one more blog?

There are plenty of resources available around the whirled wide web on Qt programming. The necessity of another blog arose from the idea that there should be a journal for this author to record his progress with Qt Programming. Contents as supposed are based around snippets, tips and ways of achieving simple but not so trivial tasks. There is a plan to throw in occasional posts on major projects. Audience is assumed as search engine redirects, coming here for a specific need. Please feel free to contact using comments on suggestions and corrections.