Xbian, Raspbmc and Openelec; My Experiments on Raspberry Pi & XBMC

After a few days with Raspbmc, which proved to be really beautiful, I decided to switch to XBian. Lets live on the bleeding edge.

Raspbmc had been too good. I had been tinkering a lot and one fine day it stopped working. I suspected my HDMI Cable initially since Raspbmc seemed too good to break. But it was a data corruption. I could not locate specifically where it happened and therefore did not go to an extend to solve it. I had tried SDCard/USB boot to improve performance and I am thinking that did it. Or the Arora Browser did it. I would like to do some more exploration and write a post on it since it is seems to be built using Qt.

I could not get OpenElec to install in my Raspberry Pi. I was getting some error due to a problem in cmdline.txt file. It was unable to recognise my USB device.

Coming to XBian, I just started using it. While I am typing this post in, XBian is updating Debian Wheezy packages. I will keep close watch and will update this post.

TL/DR; XBian seems more nice than Raspbmc and Openelec for the uninitiated.


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